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Radiance CDs are here

Thanks to some pretty quick action on the part of National Media Services during a busy holiday season, the Radiance CDs are now here. They arrived on Friday, December 17.

We had a lovely time with family yesterday....celebrating the 16th birthday of a granddaughter and also Jamie's birthday. This Christmas will be wonderful with all of family coming back to Fort Wayne. What a celebration with good times and happiness!

Tomorrow is the winter solstice...the time of the beginning of the return of light. We are already in a deep freeze with darkness seeming to prevail. The reality is that, beginning tomorrow, every day will be a bit longer. The deep freeze will continue yet for almost three more months, but the hibernation is necessary in order for life to emerge again in the Spring. It's a marvelous cycle. hibernation right now in the outer world. However, the Radiance music has changed my life in profound ways....bringing me into a new place of peace withi…

December 20th is the magic date

Photo (c) 2010 Conrad Satala. Vision.

I have a final shipping date from National Media Services, and that date is December 20th for the Radiance CD. My birthday is December 21 and the birthday of the artist who did the cover art is December 20th, so this a great birthday present of Radiance for both of us,

Radiance is also a gift for the new year 2011. It's so easy to get caught in the outer difficulties of these last years: financial distress on a global level, weather that is more extreme because of global warming, fighting everywhere. Radiance brings us back to center: we are not these outer things. We are radiant beings of light who come from love and can radiate love and kindness to everyone around us. We are creative beings and this will overcome all destructive outer events if we allow the creative love to prevail.

The music of Radiance goes beyond centering music. It is music of transformation and it is certainly transforming me. What a gift for myself from the …

Radiance Video is up

I love this photo and included it on the Radiance video because it is the portal of new beginnings. The photo was taken in the area of Santiago Atitlan by Conrad Satala.

What is the new Radiance video all about? The video celebrates the beauty of plant, tree, water, fire, and seasons and the light that radiates from the center of everything. The link is: My purpose with the Radiance video is to provide you, the viewer, with photography and music that uplifts you and supports you in happiness throughout your day. The video reflects the little girl of the album cover artwork who is innocence and joy. Her face shines with delight!

Anytime that I compose new music, it asks me to become someone different....the person who can actually perform the music. With the Radiance music, my life has become more quiet, more reflective and happier. The woman of the album artwork has lifted the chalice to drink, she will begin her next journey in l…

What is Possible to Live!

The music of Radiance celebrates the possibilities for our lives. Radiance....light and joy and love radiating from our core throughout our body and out into the world, touching those around us with the same light and joy and love. As I light a candle and experience that flame, I know that the same flame exists within me. We are light radiating!

Abundance is track six of the Radiance album. This is gentle music....coming through water and the sounds of water birds....with soft instrumentation. The abundance music has taught me that abundance is not a struggle. It is all around me and supports me with gentle hands. The flame of Radiance bring abundance with it. I don't have to do anything but say "yes" to my life.

Today.....Susan will upload the cover, back tray, disc label to National Media Services for printing and duplication. I will send in
the gold master CD and all of the paperwork for the music. Then within a few days I will have a hard sample copy from…