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A new CD coming out

Look carefully at this photograph and you will see a very big hawk sitting in the tree. I love hawks and this was such an opportunity because he let me get pretty close to him. So I'm sharing it with you. If you click on the photo, you will have an enlarged copy of this beautiful guy!

Here we go again! Look for a new CD to be released in the month of February.

2012 is going to be a year of intense creativity and sparkling days. As we move toward the movement from one Mayan long count into the next long count around the December 21, 2012 date, we ride the surge of energy. This powerful time feels rich and light.

I feel very privileged as I sit here in my office with my cup of coffee, a bowl of Greek yogurt with blueberries, and my red candle lit. How wonderful! The music of my new upcoming release is playing. Next week I will be in the recording studio doing the final tweaking and mastering. The cover art will be my own photography.

Track one is part of the "woven…

December abundance

We are already more than halfway through the month of January. The days are getting longer as light returns. This photo is one I took in very early Spring which will be here in a flash. TIme goes so quickly now that I am really aware not to waste any of my hours on negativity or rumination or any of the other things that might come along to distract me.

I am sitting here in my office, working away. The windows next to me show snow blowing in the just a few hours we will have a new blanket of pure, white snow. My cup of coffee is next to me and a candle is lit. Yesterday I finished my sales tax report for the State of Indiana and sent the check. December was a month of abundance in so many ways, and sales were great!

What a privilege it is to be able to work in a place that is beautiful and supportive. Since I am self-employed this is my own choice to make of course, but it is definitely something to be grateful for.

January is the month also of taking inventory....ti…

The Power of Music To Heal

What is the essence of music? Is it an organization of sound waves in a particular planned order? Is there some kind of law that music has to be created in a certain way, or that the musician does or does not have to have a certain education? My answer is…nope.

We take sound for granted because it is everywhere. Science tells us that our human organs each radiate a distinct melody. They have been able to translate that melody into our musical notation. We know that certain sounds create the form of a spiral or other forms when allowed to vibrate over sand. Consciously heard sound vibrates in our ear canal and is translated into meaning by our brain. We interpret the vibration as words or sounds or music. However, many sound waves never reach our consciousness, but they affect our bodies and our emotions as they vibrate within us. The flowers in this summer photo are each vibrating with their unique sound and that song connects to the unique melody of the everything around them.…