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Radiance of Moonlight

As I look at this painting for my Radiance album, I am listening to the music of the Radiance album, Track One, Woven in Joy. I can see the joy on the face of the little girl....and the inner joy of the woman who feels like she is in her inner world as she lifts the chalice from the well. She is illuminated by the moonlight. Her eyes are soft as she holds the filled chalice and the child. She will drink.

The moon flowers have their own inner radiance in the moonlight, as do the trees. They glow with that radiance that supports all living things and connects.

The chalice music is track three. The music is not triumphant or "big", but rather soft and with the feeling of weaving. The music of chalice reflects the look on the faces of the woman and the child. The drinking of the chalice is a commitment to living a life connected to the sacred and a promise to let life purpose be realized.

I thank the artist, Jamie Rieger, who spent so much time connecting with my music to p…

November 18

This is a photo of Jamie Rieger who is the artist for the cover art of the Radiance CD. Jamie has been an artist since the age of 14 (give or take a year). He worked with Ilene Satala in his high school years, and then moved into sharing his love of art with his love of math (he gets his math from his dad). his musical talent, and his love of history. I don't know of anyone else who would read all about a history topic before taking the class in college. Jamie is an awesome artist, mathematician, husband and father. I'm so honored that he is creating the cover for Radiance.

Today I'm trying to get through the US Copyright Office and having all sorts of problems. They want me to register online but don't recognize either my password or my username (not sure which), won't let me reset username, and won't let me re-register because I'm already in the system. Yikes! So, I tried the form which can be sent in for a little more money, but you have to pri…

Loving Life

In my personal life two family members have died suddenly in the last 5 weeks. These were family who are my age or younger and were much loved by their family. Now we are looking at a third death within just a few weeks.

Always these kinds of happenings remind me that life is short. Sometimes I live like I have forever in this body....not the case.
What is the most important? Support for one another to be most creative that we can; kindness; gentle, caring actions.

The new Radiance music celebrates life. This particular album is focused on tree, flowers, sun, moon, water, land. But all of life is interconnected....and we are nature in our human form also. Radiance was released on Tuesday: so far two people have downloaded the album. The CD will be coming soon. The artwork for the cover is almost complete and I will be meeting this week with Susan Stamm for the completion of the graphic design work. So....everything should be to the duplicator by late this coming week and …

November 8 was launch date

Everything was ready on the website, and yesterday I spent about 10 hours launching the new Radiance music. I'm so excited that it is out in the world. This new music is light and happy and gentle and just perfect for the holiday season. Radiance celebrates the beauty of nature....especially in the world of trees and flowers and water and birds and frogs.....all life is interconnected with radiance.

At the same time, I sent out my holiday sale and this year I followed the example of everyone else and cut my CD prices about 65 percent. Let's see if I can't get my music out in CD form to people who have never heard it before. This is certainly happening all the time with my digital music sales. And now it looks like I will be breaking through into yet another market in Japan with regular CDs.

I have added YouSendIt to my available tools for getting the music out. When you order a download directly from me, the entire CD will come via YouSendIt and it will be very easy…

November and everything is changing

It is amazing to me every year how fast life can change from one form to another. Just a few weeks ago our temperatures were in the upper 80s, and now.....I drove through a snowstorm yesterday. The trees are bare and all of my fragile plants are back in the house. The air is frosty this morning and the black sky is clear with crescent moon and many stars.

The album RADIANCE is ready for launching into the world. Early this next week my website administrator will be clicking over my website to a new website provider and a new domain name provider (of course, my domain name will stay the same). At the same time the RADIANCE music will become available to everyone for download. You will be able to hear bits of each track, and also read descriptions of each track. The track called Deer Spirit will be on the home page for your free download. Happy Holidays!

At the same time, my holiday sale will kick off with very special prices on all stock CDs.

My Musings Newsletter is done and …