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The Beloved

This week I picked up another shipment of The Beloved CDs to bring my stock back up to a reasonable level. It's amazing that The Beloved continues, after almost 20 years, to be my best selling CD, and the "banner" music that carries all of my other music forward. In 1990, I was driving down Bass Road out in the Indiana farmland. The melody of The Beloved starting running through my head. This is unique for my experience, because I don't hear music as melody, but rather see it as shape and color, and feel it as vibration. So...from the beginning, The Beloved has been special. In 20 years it has traveled throughout much of the planet, carrying the vibration of being loved and of loving as the primary life-force that supports all of us.

NOW....It is early in the morning. I am listening to a podcast from a keyboard musician who is just brilliant in internet selling.....and who has a passion for his own music and for all of those who listen to and buy his music. We…

June Explosion - 20 years!

2009 marks the 20 year anniversary of Mayan Dream Productions. How can it be 20 years since I first discovered that I would be creating original music?! Remember, I had NO idea that I would ever write and record original music, and then the music of Mayan Dream exploded into my life. Mayan Dream changed me in profound ways, and was followed by The Beloved, Watchers, Stille Pointe, Mayan Portal, Walking the Labyrinth, The Journey of Joy, Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth, Earth Essence, Atitlan Fire, Emergence, Living The Possible, Healing Music for the 21st Century, Mystical Rose: From the Heart of Everything, Ancient Future Symphony, 40+ Soul/Deepbody albums, ...and now VIDA! What an awesome journey! Thank you to the unseen world for this unimaginable gift and thank you to all of you for walking with me on this journey of love.

Today also marks the one month anniversary of my journey through carpel tunnel. This has been a gift. As my music expands and deepens, my body needs to be…