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Winter Is Here!

Unless you live in Southern California, or very South Florida, you are experiencing the Polar Vortex that is bringing a very early winter to the USA. As I sit here writing to you, my hot cup of coffee in hand, the air outside is crisp and frigid. Our first accumulating snow is expected this Sunday.

I am listening to Deep Snowy Night and appreciating again the beauty of this music. For some reason, I felt that this album was sort of "second best" because it is my arrangement of Christmas carols and not my own original music. But it is awesome! Gentle…wisdom…bringing the heart from composers of all ages into our time again. After all, Christmas is one manifestation of our annual celebration of the heart wisdom emerging from the center of all things. This web of love connects all of us to each other and to those who have gone before us. This web of love connects us to the unseen world and to our planet Earth.

The title has changed from Deep Snowy Night: A Celebration of T…