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Looking back

Over the last two weeks I have looked at the business plan that I developed in 2000 and found that almost everything on that plan is now in place. That's amazing. When I work day-to-day, sometimes it seems that nothing is moving. But...looking back just a few years....the change has been enormous.
When I was just developing my business plan, digital music sales seemed very far off. Now it is a reality in my life and a lot of fun. When I get a monthly statement from CDBaby and find out that my music is streaming in Europe....that's an awesome feeling. When someone calls me from Puerto Rico (happened last week) just to say they have my music and are loving it...or orders an MP3 album and we develop a beginning relationship....or just the wonder of knowing that people can order music online that is only digital, and create their own selection of my music....just for them.
In 2000 the projections for sales seemed very far off, and at that time I only had four CDs published. N…

April....Mother Earth emerges!

Photos: from Brown County State Park in Indiana.
WOW! This has been an incredible first week of April. We are having record breaking warm temperatures, with just enough rain that all growing things are raising their heads and beginning to blossom.
As usual, I am writing in that "witching" hour of night when everything is so clear. The wind outside is blowing HARD. I hear a train whistle in the distance. I just realized that my usual cup of coffee is not here, so am going to take a short break and go make some.
Back....cup of coffee in hand.
This last week we had to change the carrier for my toll-free number and those kinds of changes are always an "interesting journey". But...we got it done and, although we had to be without the toll-free number for about 24 hours, it will be in operation again today, hopefully; with the same number 877-635-1472. This all came about because we changed our phone/internet server from Verizon FIOS to Comcast, and Comcast cannot…