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November Simplicity

How beautiful the month of November is in the Midwest. This photo, taken at Chain of Lakes State Park, captures the artistic brush of blues and browns painted by Mother Nature. The temperature on that day in November was a warm 70 degrees.

Today is sunny and about 25 degrees. Equally beautiful with clear air and soft light and the same artist's palette of blues and greens and browns. Simplicity of form and color is the depth and beauty of November.

I invite you to download a new piece of music called Mayan Fire. You will find this meditation of the new year and the new baktun to be life-giving for yourself as you bring in your own new year forces for success, happiness, peace. Here is the link:

This link is also on my home page along with the link to the description for this music (just check out the blog right below this one). Today, November 15th, Daily OM is featuring my album A Celebration of Life and Love. I reall…

Music for the new Baktun Mayan Fire

As a musician, it has been my privilege over the years to play many instruments and to create a lot of music. Never has it been such an honor, as when I play the instruments from the Mayan lands. These instruments talk to me. I have a close relationship with them. When I pick them up, I feel their vibration and their essence. When I begin to play them, my breath is their breath. It is sacred time that is Ancient/Future time.

Many others from baktuns past have played these types of instruments. As I do now, the breath of sound is invoking the sacred, calling forth ritual, speaking with the unseen world.

I remember that as a young child I began to play the piano and never needed to learn how to read notes. I just knew. This is the same ease and knowing. There is only the connection and relationship that brings unity and then sound.

When I pick up a flute from Teotehuacan, it is with reverence and awe. This flute sound was heard in baktuns past....all the way back …