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Spring Solstice

Here we are this weekend at the cusp of the Spring Solstice and also a full moon that is brighter and larger than usual because of it's closeness to the earth. I can feel the strength of the energy that is present at this time. There is decision....I can use this energy to be in conflict and chaos, or in connection with a deep spiritual place. This energy can be brought into my heart and sent to Japan, and Libya, and all the other places on this planet that are in such difficulty. Healing!

When I write this blog, or my monthly newsletter, I focus on the possibilities of life and the radiance of all creation in gratitude.
However, many times during the day I have to refocus myself in choice: will I interpret life's events in a smaller way, or will I let myself change into the unknown and into the radiance? Sometimes it takes me a little time to shift into the larger space of is not always easy.

I know many people who are Japanese and I am sad for them. …

March 15

As I look outside, it is raining and about 32 degrees so we have some freezing rain. It is gray and brown and rather dark today. The moist earth is supporting sprouts that are breaking through the ground. Tree buds are swelling. In just a few days we will have 60's and sunshine. Emergence!

The news coming from Japan continues to be so sad. But the people are such an inspiration with their centeredness in the midst of their profound grief and loss.

There is nothing large happening today....just normal life.....lived in deep appreciation for the wonderful gifts that have been given to me.

Love to all.


This morning we hear of the 8.9 earthquake off the coast of Japan and the Tsunami that is creating such devastation. As I write this, there is very little news coming from that area, but the pictures are just heart-breaking. And....the tsumani is headed for Hawaii, and then the West Coast of US. All of us have family and friends who live in these areas.

Here in the Midwest we experience nature's radical changes through floods and through tornados. I can be in the midst of a regular days work, and a severe storm with tornado could change my entire life within seconds.

Let's keep all of the world in our loving kindness. Earth, our mother, needs our help.

Love to all!