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Spreading Seeds and Sprouts and Other growing

Spring has come! The seeds that were sown in the late summer of last year have been growing underground and are now coming up into the light. I see it all around me in nature, and in my own living. This is a vital time! One big sprout is the new music that is being created. This coming week I will be doing a little mastering at Tempel Recording and then sending about 10 minutes of something very new onto the website. Meanwhile, you might want to revisit the Earth Essence free download CD music for the Birds of the Morning music....a little blast of Spring for you.

The Beloved is continuing to move throughout the world. In 1989 when I first heard that melody I could not have imagined it's purpose in the world. Today...I have to order more CDs again of The Beloved. It's life force and it's healing presence are very powerful. How many people have heard The Beloved and have made it a part of their lives? Tens of thousands.

I'll share with you a challenge that I f…

Here we are again!

My last post was March 9th .... and today is March 22nd. There is a rumor that the older you get, the faster time goes. I'm getting older and that rumor may be true! Where did the last two weeks go?!

Yes, there is new music created although it doesn't have a title yet. I went into the recording studio on Monday, March 16 and had lots of fun recording. I expect to record the next music throughout the months of April and May. Here is the family of instruments to your left.

Last week was all about shipping orders because Spring brings EVERYONE to life. This month I intend to redo the look of my website because Spring invites a new look! You know how that goes with all parts of our lives in a change of season....the new growth emerges and we become transformed people. My website is my window into the world of all of you. As I change, it changes.

One of my customers in Australia reminded me last week that it is a change of season for them also, but into Autumn. They ar…

See it in Vogue

Hawks are everywhere around me right now. I see them sitting in trees, on posts and one flew directly over my car last week. They are in the sky every day. What is HAWK to me? Vision that sees from a place that is above the ground level of ordinary, limited perception, and with great clarity. I love watching the ease with which hawk glides on the winds. I love the sudden dive when it spies it's prey and (although I may feel sorry for the poor mouse) the accuracy of it's journey. You can hear the hawk cry on the Emergence CD.

SOUL/DEEPBODY music: I was asked to send all of the Soul/Deepbody music that I had ever created to Conrad this week so that he can place it in a separate and easily accessible file. As I was doing this, I realized how much music had been given to me through the commissions of all of you these last two years: 42 CDs of Soul/Deepbody the 11 minute piece that is called Living As Soul in Human Form. I also understood more deeply what …

Fierce waters!

You can almost see the movement of the river as the snow melt from the approach of Spring brings a fierce motion to the water.

This is the outlook of the Salamonie River near the dam last Monday.

The sky was beautiful blue...soft browns and grays...a little white in late February.

I am grateful that I live on Mother Earth at this time and in this place. She is lovely in the Midwest in all of her aspects. Through her seasons in the Midwest, she brings to me a constant reminder of change and of the tumult that is sometimes part of change. Today, March 2nd it is only 13 degrees outside. In the middle of the week it will be 50 degrees (so they say!) and storms will most certainly bring about this change. On Saturday early morning, we had thunder and lightning as the temps plummeted from upper 50s to lower teens. So....thus it is! Eventually new life will emerge from all of this, and we will have the beauty of Spring green.

My life reflects this in the ebb and flow…