The Vibration of Wisdom and the Heart

I sit here on a very cold February evening, with my cup of hot coffee next to me
and my heater keeping my feet warm.

We are all beings of light and our unique light weaves the world into the vibration
of wisdom and of the heart.   This is always happening when we are in the support
of our light, and connected fully into our hearts and into wisdom.  I love the connection
with all of your lights as we connect through my music and my writing.

This week I have reinstated my order page on my own website to make it so much easier
for everyone to order.   It will be active beginning Friday, March 1. CDBaby is a lovely distribution company, but I treasure the connection one-to-one with you, my listener.  So, after March 1, check it out.  Just go the order tab at the top of the home page, and click on it.  It will send you directly to my order page.   You can read about each individual CD, and listen to parts of every track.

Spring is coming to Indiana soon!  
We have had a very tough winte…

New Beginnings and a New Year

Mayan Dream Productions is celebrating a New Year and now 32 years in existence.  We began this journey in 1987 when I first began to compose the album Mayan Dream, followed by The Beloved. This was a very exciting time because until 1987 I had no idea that I was going to compose music.  I fell in love with the recording studio, my Kurzweil, and the music inspired by the Mayan sacred culture of ancient times, and of the music of healing and transformation.

Now in 2019,  Wisdom Ablaze is two years old and it completes a cycle of 16 albums.  All of my music is music of light and of light alive in the world.  I have loved creating every note of this music!

Where is the next cycle of 10 years leading me and Mayan Dream Productions?   I am  certainly continuing the love of recording and the action of fire in the world.

As we celebrate the Winter Solstice and the new year 2019,   I wish all of you light and joy!

December and the Return of Light

As the days grown darker and shorter, we celebrated the super moon a few days ago with its brilliant light.   In just a few weeks the solstice will emerge and the return of light.  Light is always behind the darkness.

This snowy pathway is very near my house. As Retta and I walk it, it becomes a journey into the unknown in the winter.   The white covers everything that we would normally see, and our steps can become treacherous. It is a beautiful time of year and I especially treasure those brief encounters with deer and fox and wild turkey when we are walking in the evening.

May your pathways always lead you into the power of the unknown.  May your days be peaceful and full of light.  May beauty be in every moment of your life.

Happy Solstice....Merry Christmas...Happy Hanukah.

Thirty years of a cycle are Complete

In 1987 I traveled for the first time into the Mayan lands of Mexico and Central America.  Little did I know that this trip would change my musical life profoundly.  My experience with the sacred lands of the Maya ignited original music in me that over the last 30 years has resulted in 16 published CDs, 2 albums that are only available for download and 40+ original albums composed for individuals.

My experiences also led to my business of Mayan Dream Productions and 28 years of relationship with all of you who read Musings, or listen to my music.  I treasure these relationships.  They have enriched my life enormously.

As I close this 30 year cycle, and begin the next cycle, I am listening to one of my download albums which is called Atitlan Fire.  The link to this album is on the downloads site of my website.  However, to make it really easy, here is the direct link to Atitlan Fire for you.

To celebrate the completion of 30 years, I am…

Musing on Music Technology, Connection and Wisdom

Technology is moving more quickly than I can keep up with!  It is the ever-changing language of music distribution.  When I receive a monthly statement of deposit for online sales now, it is mostly for streaming my music.  There is always some downloading of albums or tracks of albums, but downloading CDs and tracks of CDs is becoming a thing of the past.

We will be taking the links down from our website that directly linked you, the customer, to i-tunes
to download my albums and tracks from my albums.  I-tunes will no longer allow links from websites.  They are focused on streaming and want everyone to change from downloading to streaming.  Very interesting!

Meanwhile, my customers have to go directly to i-tunes and search for my name.  Everything is there but it is harder for you to get to me to download from i-tunes.

There are over 50 other digital sites that hold my music.  Some of the most popular that are attracting people to my music are I-tunes Canada, i-tunes Match Americas, …

Wisdom Is Always at the Core

It's been almost three months since I have written to you, the reader, in this Musings.  That doesn't mean that you are not always in my awareness as I live my daily life.  Wisdom is at your core as light and it shines out and joins my core of light Wisdom.  We are one.

The month of December was a transforming time of body, mind and spirit for me.  The Winter Solstice is my birthday, and this year it was my 70th birthday.  It was also the integration time of the new Wisdom Ablaze album in my body, mind and spirit; and also a month of a large concert with about 100 people involved as musicians and a beautiful and inspired audience of about 400.  All of this together brought me into a newness of life.   How cool is that!!

This new wisdom body, mind and spirit is still growing with me.  My outer activities have had to change as my inner world changed.  Many things are simplifying so that I can become larger.
Meanwhile, January is the month of inventory, and taxes and people and b…

New Video and music now on i-tunes for your download

The ongoing saga of a wisdom composer and performer.....Wisdom Ablaze is blazing out into the world!

Wisdom Ablaze is now on i-tunes for you to download...either individual tracks or the entire album.
And of course all of you reading this blog can order Wisdom Ablaze directly from me.  Just go to the home page of this website, and click on the order page link at the top to order a physical CD in digipack format.  You can also send me a note with your order via snail mail....and enclose a check.
I'll send your CD back to you ASAP.  Be sure and give me your address for shipping. and also your e-mail address so I can acknowledge receiving your order.

There is a beautiful new video up on You Tube which has the music of track one:  "We Call Forth Wisdom". Here is the link:  Tom Tempel has taken the photography of the trees that inspired this music, and the flutes that played,  and has used technology to "open up" the five sensory world in…