The Vibration of Wisdom and the Heart

I sit here on a very cold February evening, with my cup of hot coffee next to me
and my heater keeping my feet warm.

We are all beings of light and our unique light weaves the world into the vibration
of wisdom and of the heart.   This is always happening when we are in the support
of our light, and connected fully into our hearts and into wisdom.  I love the connection
with all of your lights as we connect through my music and my writing.

This week I have reinstated my order page on my own website to make it so much easier
for everyone to order.   It will be active beginning Friday, March 1. CDBaby is a lovely distribution company, but I treasure the connection one-to-one with you, my listener.  So, after March 1, check it out.  Just go the order tab at the top of the home page, and click on it.  It will send you directly to my order page.   You can read about each individual CD, and listen to parts of every track.

Spring is coming to Indiana soon!  
We have had a very tough winter here, but the winds and the snow and the ice have their own special beauty.  The air is crisp and clean today.....all the toxins blown away by 64 mile per hour wind gusts on Sunday.   Walking Retta (my dog) during the snows was cold and slippery, but a real pleasure.

Have a beautiful evening.  


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