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So many new things happening

Autumn into winter has always been a time for me of newness. Life in the outer world is going into hibernation, but my own creative life is in full bloom. Making music and marketing are effortless and new information and new music streams forward without stress. This tells me that my own natural cycle is being honored. When I try to move outside of this natural cycle, my life becomes very stressful and everything is hard.

My new YouTube site went up on Wednesday and the Mayan Dream video was remastered and placed on this site on Thursday.

Jamie has the artwork for the cover of Radiance well underway, and the final mastering for the music will happen this coming Monday. The first track of Radiance was called "Call To Joy", but I knew that this was not the deepest level for this music. When I went back into the recording studio, I deleted almost all of the Call To Joy music and only kept the tambourine track....started…


It's just about 5AM and I'm sitting here writing with my hot cup of coffee at hand. A spider just dropped down from the ceiling directly in front of my face.

Today.....back into the recording studio in the afternoon. I felt that Radiance was pretty much complete, but actually the first track needs to be brought into it's deepest level and so...we record this afternoon. This morning and later this afternoon I have quite a bit of work to do, but first I'm going to go out and do a bit of photography. I can't waste this beautiful crisp, clean October on working indoors!

The YouTube video has received about 85 hits. I've waited a long time to put my music and the land of the Maya together and I'm SO glad that it is out. When I watch it, I am taken into who I am in a very unique way.

New YouTube video is up

This photo is Salamonie State Forest at the Salamonie River and in the early morning sunrise with the mist still on the beautiful is our Mother Earth.

Check out the new video called Mayan Dream by Beverly Rieger:

This short video was so much fun as I watched it be created. As with my music, it comes from the unseen world. Some of the things that I thought would be said were not.....and the final focus of my and our making a difference of beauty, creativity, vision, love in the world is exciting.

The Radiance album is continuing. Jamie is creating the artwork, and I only have a little bit of tweaking and the entire album's music is finished. Now I have the work of writing about this music because each track has a story. That will be the work of the rest of October and then everything will be released, and we will have a CD signing in Fort Wayne at Tempel Recording the first part of and time to be announ…

Radiance in daily life

The Radiance album is just about complete. Through these last weeks I have composed music that is joy, compassion, radiance, walking lightly on the earth, the chalice, the deer spirit, and abundance. The abundance music contains aspects of the compassion music. The deer spirit music has a reflection of the joy music.....everything weaving together into one whole that is Radiance. Now, before this music is released to the world, I will be exploring how to live all of these life energies in my own life. How can I release Radiance to the world through my own life.....not just through the music???? That would be the journey.

It was fun to see how my celtic ancestry has emerged in this music. My grandfather on my dad's side was English, Welsh, and Irish. My grandparents on my mothers side were from Scotland....having both Scottish and Irish ancestors. So this ancient
understanding of the Celtic runs in my blood.

During this last week Tom Tempel and I created a u-tube video that h…