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Happy New year!

In the Catholic Church and for the Tzutzeil Maya, Christmas is not finished. Both cultures began Christmas around the dates of December 23 - 25 and will celebrate the new wisdom through January 6th. In the Catholic Church, this is the date of Epiphany...the arrival of the wise men who followed the light of the star, and the celebration of the light moving out into the world. For the T'zuheil Maya, this is the release of the light of wisdom into the world fully. The Jewish people have celebrated Hanakkuk, the feast of light. And there are many, many more cultures which have similar celebrations

For me the universal nature of archetypes are amazing, and they speak truth. We are now moving through the time when wisdom gathers and grows and then is sent out throughout Mother Earth. We are in the time of the return of light.

Wisdom is a powerful force that asks the individual to look at habits and old patterns, and ask if they are still appropriate for this new time. Even in secu…

December 21

I love the time of the solstice and the return of light. Yesterday I turned 65 and it's a very special gift to me that I was born on that day. This will be a magical year! Walt nailed my feeling about this coming year with a marvelous birthday card from Avatar "May your birthday be just the beginning of a year of discovery and adventure" and a gift. Isn't that a wonderful wish " a year of discovery and adventure". And...I got my car back finally which had been at the body shop since being hit (with me in it) 21 days ago.

My birthday was very private and personal with a few personal e-mails from friends through my gmail account, and a couple of beautiful cards from close friends...and Happy Birthday sung by the choir. It's a strange quirk of mine....I love birthday cards!

There is this virus going around and it seems that I have caught it and am now in bronchitis just in time for Christmas!
Bronchitis is usually a life-changing event for me, and I e…