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Wisdom Ablaze is in process and Almost Complete

The new album Wisdom Ablaze is now almost complete. All six tracks are "out in the world" now and just awaiting the final levels and depth of potential that will happen over the next weeks.

Wisdom Ablaze has been within me for about a year.  It is like being pregnant and experiencing the joy and the unknown of having a life within that is growing….and then finally giving birth.  It changes the mother profoundly, and this music changed me profoundly.

One of the joyful things about creating this music was the playing of the Mayan flutes in our time
and in this place.  They were full of life and sing throughout this album.

Nature plays a large role also in this album.  My own recordings of bird song from the Mayan lands of Central America are on track four.  Tom Tempel has recorded water, wind, frogs, ducks and they are all present here in this music also. In track three (Wisdom Sings Heart of Earth)  wolf song duets with one of the ancient flutes.

Track one:    Wisdom…