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There are so many things for me to be grateful for this morning: soft rain and the sound of thunder...the many colors of flowers outside my office window in full bloom....Retta in my life (our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog) .... working here listening to the music of Simon and Garfunkle.....

September 15th is coming up soon now and with that date I will be opening up again and available to compose original music for you....commissioned by you.... for your life journeys' inspiration and support of your purpose. Check out the Original Music link on this website for more information.

This year has been full of profound change and my music has supported me as I continue to open to the newness of almost everything in my life. I am very grateful for the emergence of new music, for the ability to record (which is the most joyful experience), and for all of the music that is with me from the last 25 years of Mayan Dream Productions. Thank you Tempel Recording and Tom Tempel for soulful re…

Did you know???

The celebration of new music emerging is continuing. When I recorded the sixth track of the new Wisdom Enters The World in Love album on Monday, it was effortless. And the music is so joyful! The title is "Wisdom Dances The Waters". I cannot wait to share this music with all of you!! This music is light and dancing, and very happy....reflecting the essential nature of wisdom. Thursday I will record one more track and that will complete the seven tracks of this new album. The release date is September 30, 2013.

Did you know: you can download or stream all of my music in many digital sites. Here are just a few of the 50+ digital sites that hold my music: Itunes Americas, Itunes Australia, Itunes Canada, Itunes Europe . Spotify . Amazon mp3 . Rdio . Googleplay . Deezer . Simfy . Rhapsody . Iheartradio . Nokia . Myspace . Mediannet . Muvemusic . Xboxmusic . Emusic . Wimp . Music unlimited . Shazam …