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Light into darkness! We have passed the Solstice and so every day until June 21st we will have a little more light. I love the archetype that has created festivals of light for every culture and tradition at this time. I love the celebrations!

The last two years of my own life have been about seeding my music and my presence into the world. These seeds are out there......growing in the dark, fertile soil of the unknown. The seeding process is still ongoing, but sprouts are starting to "peek out" of the ground. What will emerge? It's very much the unknown and that is pretty exciting! The journey of seeding is the journey of allowing something much larger than me to direct my life. Most often when I reach out into the world I don't know why. I am moved by a force that says "Do this" and so I do it.

The last two years have been a gift and a blessing. I was given the time to walk the journey with my dad of his death. I was given the time for my own …

Into year 63

This last week has been extraordinary. On Friday I wrote about the ice storm and the severe cold that was impacting every one's life in this area. So many people are living in homes without electricity in cold that is approaching -30 wind chill. Other people who do have electricity are taking in guests.

For myself....the ice and cold arrived at the same time as the Profound Love music was released, and also in the weekend of my birthday. On Friday we provided a temporary home for my mom whose electricity was off. That was a gift of her presence. I found myself playing for Mass in a church without heat or light on Saturday evening and that was also a gift. The feeling of intimacy within the sacred was much more profound than if we had a "normal situation". So many of those people who came to be a part of this sacred event...had no heat or light in their own homes....yet they came to be a part of something much larger than their own personal situation. Sunday morn…
Fort Wayne is at the center of the Midwest version of the nation's ice storm. The ice is very it stresses our trees. The tree in back has lost three branches today.
Yikes! This is the tree in front which so far is holding, although branches are bending down pretty far.

This evening...snow....then arctic cold moves in. We adjust our schedules and things which were so important, assume less importance. Other things become safety, heat in the home, etc.

And.....In the midst of all of this, music continues to be created. The Profound Love music is now on my website for your free download. More about this music soon.
Love to all.

Profound Love

This photo is of Maria, surrounded by the holiday poinsettia, holding an adult person who, in turn, is holding a round object in his/her hand. I like to think of this object as the planet Earth. The poinsettia and Maria are sitting on a jaguar weaving from Mexico.

Maria was carved by artist and shaman in the Santiago Atitlan area of Guatemala.
This is an original...carved and blessed just for me.

Maria is the sacred feminine. She holds all of us (and especially me) in profound love. From this space of being held, we walk the planet earth....and we are in the world as bearers of love. On Monday I will go into the recording studio and "let loose" into the world a piece of music for the new year that will be called Profound Love. I will place this new music on my website for free download to all of you. Watch for it!

As I look out the window of my studio, I see the soft pink of sunrise with black tree branches stunning against this rosy backdrop. Mother Ea…

December 5th already

December is moving along so very quickly. Mother Earth is giving us the deep cold (it's 16 degrees this morning) that all of nature needs in order for new life to emerge next Spring.
Sunshine is this intense cold has a special quality...sort of sparkly and a soft gold. The colors of the land and it's foliage are soft brown, deep brown, soft gray and black of tree branches against the sky of blue or gray. Flashing against this background are cardinals of brilliant red and blue jays and still the yellow finches. We have had some snow almost every day for the last few weeks, but are still expecting the heavy snows that will cover the ground with white.

Last year I wrote Deep Snowy Night, Tree of Light, and Dance of Light to celebrate the beauty of this wondrous season of Winter...and placed it in the Earth Essence music for your free download. If you don't already have this free music, go to the home page of this website and scroll down to the free download section and cl…