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This is Fort Wayne on March 25th. What an absolutely gorgeous snowy day, but it's supposed to be Spring. Spring has a new look this year! It is snowing so hard outside with no sign yet of stopping. We will probably have 7 inches before this is all over.

I would like to muse a little bit today about music as a force, as a spirit, as a soul in and of itself.

Music is a vibration of love emanating from the Source of all love. As humans, we have been created in love, and our bodies vibrate with the resonance of the vibration of love.

The inaudible vibration of music is all around us and within us. Science tells us that our human organs each radiate a distinct melody. They have been able to translate that melody into our musical notation. We know that inaudible vibrations create the form of a spiral and other beautiful shapes within the mineral, plant and animal worlds. For us human beings, the inaudible sound waves never reach our consciousness, but they affect our bodies an…

So much quiet and it's wonderful!

I read a great article today from the former founder and owner of CDBaby, Derek Sivers. He was talking about how we humans need to reboot our lives regularly. We have a habit of saying that our way of looking at things or doing things is "just the way we are". We repeat the same processes in our lives over and over..sometimes with different outer covering, but really just the same basic life.

I found myself doing just that thing these last weeks by saying that "I am one of those people who just need to be out and around people and who thrive on action." That was my excuse for not being comfortable with the quiet around me. I am totally self-employed and most of my contact with people is online. Lots of outer quiet.

However, once I get past the "this is the way I am" excuse, (which I previously was not even aware was in my practice, thank you Derek for this awakening) I am finding that these days are changing my perceptions. The outer quiet is brin…

Opening Into A New Week

We are opening into the second full week of March, and into warmer weather. Our large snowfall is mostly gone from the land, and the early flowers are beginning to poke out of the ground. We don't have full blooming crocuses yet, but this is a photo of the knowing of coming abundance of Mother Nature.

For the last 25+ years, my own original music has been out in the world, and for 54 years I have been performing classical music out in the public eye. My performance has inspired so many people at critical times of their lives, and supported them during marriages, funerals, times of illness, times of initiation...for 54 years now. WOW! And for myself, all of this performance and composing has also been an investment in my life now. Something so new is emerging, but not without the support of the last 54 years of creative energy released into the world.

The image that comes to me is of the Mayan sacred temple. Many times a new sacred temple was build upon an existing sacred …

In my Office on a Snowy Morning

Candles lit.....cup of coffee at hand.....loving the early morning light that now blesses us earlier and earlier in the day. We had 10-1/2 inches of snow in the night of March 5th and the early morning of March 6th. It is heavy, wet snow and is piled up all around me...whiteness with grey skies broken by black branches reaching up and the green of pine.

And yet....we are expecting 52 degrees on Sunday. March is such a delightful month! It embodies change, change, and more change.

Here inside, the warmth of color and light and music. Since my physical body is still recovering from the demands of care-giving, I am not recording now and all performing is done here in my home studio. The inside world is quiet to match what mother nature has designed outside.

I have placed a new photo on my home page. This photo was taken by Kim Waldschmidt around the year 2010. I am wearing the clothing of the maya, and the piece around my neck is the spiral in jade....also very mayan. When this…


What a dynamic morning! Friday, March 1rst and the feel of the beginning of Spring. The light is different...more direct somehow. I am playing my happy music! Today, March 1rst feels like something new has anchored for this day.

To all of my customers....enjoy this beautiful beginning of the month of March. Dance and sing and be in the stream of a life filled with hope and joy.

Spring brings me out into the world in a more direct fashion. There is the potential for new and exciting music and writing and business to emerge. Since I haven't taken up any of the winter sports yet, Spring brings more of an opportunity for me to be out in nature directly. What is more wonderful than to be hiking with the emerging first flowers of Spring, and the warmth of the sun, and the song of the newly returning birds.

Most of my world right now has been focused on the inner world. Except for preparing taxes and taking inventory, there is little outer action. The rest...the connection with the…