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Back into the recording studio

This is a photo of Tom Tempel as we record new Soul/Deepbody music on Thursday and Friday of this week.

It's so exciting to be back in the recording studio. It's wonderful to be creating Soul/Deepbody music again.

This last week I was able to focus on Mayan Dream Productions, Int'l and discover that my journey with family through illnes and death of the last few months has changed me for the better. Wisdom is calling and down the rabbit hole I go!

Daily OM called me this week to tell me that my EMERGENCE CD will be featured sometime in the next few months. This is really good news because they reach around 90,000 people.

Now...onward and much love to all.


I was out photographing today and this purple, juicy berry bush caught my eye. You can't tell from this photo, but it has a swirly form sort of like the active spiral. You could feel the life force of this bush....very active and very luscious.

This afternoon I was at Ilene Satala and Beverley Danusis' book signing at Elderberry Tree House Shoppe. They were radiant and full of energy, and it is obvious that their book "Sophia and the Seven Goddesses" is going to be a huge success. life force.....for me these are all parts of living a purposeful, creative life.

Music comes to me from listening and being changed by the life all around me. As much as I love trees, flowers, water, sky, thunder, sunshine, birds, wolf, jaguar....I most especially love the life force of human beings. It's so much fun to talk with, and play with, and have deep personal relationships with people. If I could place a color on the vitality of people&…

The deeper flow

It's amazing how differently I "see" when I have a camera with me. Shapes and relationships are there that normally I would just pass by.
I loved the way these beautiful purple flowers have shaped themselves into a very small pyramid in the midst of a cornfield. I love the brown and green texture of corn stalks at the time of harvest.

I have been musing to myself about the deeper flow of abundance. It seems that there is a wave of fear concerning scarcity and lack across the world that is powerful and is reflected in stock market insanity, in large (supposedly invincible) businesses going bankrupt or being purchased because they are failing. This fear could be my reality for my own life if I chose.

However, there is a deeper flow that is more real. This flow comes from the Source and it's name is abundance. This is the flow that is supporting businesses and artists of all kinds who are making a good living...maybe even making a LOT of money (gasp). They are in a …

What do horses have to do with music?

Yesterday I was out on a photo shoot and came across these beautiful horses in the early morning. They came across the pasture to greet me and get their pictures taken. I was able to connect with them....stroke them...and now bring their beauty onto the website.

One of the great things about my job is that music and writing are stimulated by the beauty of nature...therefore, I get to be out in nature often. My job is not about sitting at a desk for hours at a time.

Music is the voice of Mother Earth singing. Music is the power of the web of life that surrounds and connects all of life. Music is uniquely able to bring the human being into harmony with our soul-full selves, and into harmony with everything around us. Music uplifts us to our best nature. Music brings us into peaceful spaces, into fiery creative spaces, into dance, into happiness. Each part of life sings it's unique song. Each part of our human body sings it's unique song.

It's my job to hear th…

MDP Int'l Creative Fire

Back now to the active life of a musician. Mayan Dream Productions, Int'l is certainly energized and on fire with creativity. What does this mean?

I am ready again to compose and record. I am getting lots of fun marketing ideas and have the energy to actually implement them. This energy is coming from the creative Source that has supported me through difficult personal times, and also through highly creative professional times. I also can't help but know that, with his passage to the next life, dad's love of nature, music and of the unseen has quickened and is now supporting a new level of creativity for me. He would love jaguar woman musician. The adventure continues.

Last evening I had the opportunity to hear David Fyfe play his new music. It's awesome to hear what is emerging through the talented hands of David. Go David!! Then Mary and David energy balanced me to the music of Ancient/Future Symphony. It was truly a wonderful evening.

Today.....working on …

Friday Musings

Yesterday I spent a lot of time in our parks....walking in the water at Chain O Lakes in the sunshine, driving through the forest at Salamonie State Forest at dusk in the rain. The beauty of all aspects of Mother Earth is just breath-taking.

On Wednesday I reopened Mayan Dream Productions, Int'l. During the month of my journey with dad, I had continued to ship orders, but that was the extent of possibilities for outer activity at Mayan Dream. Inner activity....that is another story altogether and this story will reveal itself to me over the next weeks and months.

Today I will be meeting with someone from the cancer society to talk with her about my giving a presentation to their group. It's not a coincidence that she called the day after I buried my dad.

A profound thank you again today to all of you who poured out love to me.....especially my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren. Your love uplifted me and carried me through these last days.

Much love to all.

More on Creative Fire

On Monday, September 8, we buried my dad. He and I shared the Sagittarius fire sign which I talked about in my August 18th Musing and his passing over into his new life was a quickening of my own creative fire....his final gift to me. I don't know yet what that means, but I welcome his gift.

Thank you to all of you who sent love to dad and to me, and who supported me with e-mails and phone calls through this last month. Your love certainly helped dad on his final journey, but it has transformed me.

Much love to all.

New life

This image is of my dad, myself and Jamie (dad's grandson and my son) who all shared a birthday. Dad's birthday and Jamie's birthday are December 20th. My birthday is December 21st. This was in 1993.

On September 3 at 2:30 in the morning my dad left this life for a new place and a new life. He waited to die until he was with mom for her birthday on September 2nd. The stars were brilliant in the sky and he left with just a sigh of peace.

Two writings ago, I talked about dad's stroke on August 8th and his will to recover. He was beginning to really respond to the physical therapy, but his body was tired, and he developed another infection and went back into the hospital. We knew that he just wanted to come home and so we contacted hospice and brought him home. All of my brothers and sisters came to him from various parts of the country and they and their spouses cared for him with much love. Of course my mom was with him all the time in that weaving that only she…