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New Beginnings and a New Year

Mayan Dream Productions is celebrating a New Year and now 32 years in existence.  We began this journey in 1987 when I first began to compose the album Mayan Dream, followed by The Beloved. This was a very exciting time because until 1987 I had no idea that I was going to compose music.  I fell in love with the recording studio, my Kurzweil, and the music inspired by the Mayan sacred culture of ancient times, and of the music of healing and transformation.

Now in 2019,  Wisdom Ablaze is two years old and it completes a cycle of 16 albums.  All of my music is music of light and of light alive in the world.  I have loved creating every note of this music!

Where is the next cycle of 10 years leading me and Mayan Dream Productions?   I am  certainly continuing the love of recording and the action of fire in the world.

As we celebrate the Winter Solstice and the new year 2019,   I wish all of you light and joy!