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Well....the new music album is on it's way. I have recorded the first part last week, and will continue recording now until it is finished. The name of the album is RADIANCE. The first track is called "Walking lightly on the earth".

What is radiance all about? I am looking at many aspects. Radiance is an aspect of fire, and yet it is not the fire that burns in destruction. Radiance is the gentle and powerful light that emanates from all life forms, and ultimately from the center of all that exists. Radiance shines forth when the pathway is clear. Anger, fear, judgement, blame, shame, guilt....all these things block the natural radiance that wants to be our light from within.

So for me, if I am composing and performing music that is RADIANCE, then I have to look at the ways that my own radiance might be blocked. This is a very active process and probably a lifelong process.

The deer is a primary part of this music. The deer is a gentle creature...beautiful...swift…

New music coming soon

It appears that we are back to having space for photos. Yeah! Yesterday I commissioned the artwork for the new album of my music. Alan James Rieger will be the artist for this next series of albums. When new music is coming, I always describe the feeling as being nine months pregnant and ready to deliver. This new baby is in that process. Very exciting stuff!

More about this very soon now. Love to all.