Wisdom Is Always at the Core

It's been almost three months since I have written to you, the reader, in this Musings.  That doesn't mean that you are not always in my awareness as I live my daily life.  Wisdom is at your core as light and it shines out and joins my core of light Wisdom.  We are one.

The month of December was a transforming time of body, mind and spirit for me.  The Winter Solstice is my birthday, and this year it was my 70th birthday.  It was also the integration time of the new Wisdom Ablaze album in my body, mind and spirit; and also a month of a large concert with about 100 people involved as musicians and a beautiful and inspired audience of about 400.  All of this together brought me into a newness of life.   How cool is that!!

This new wisdom body, mind and spirit is still growing with me.  My outer activities have had to change as my inner world changed.  Many things are simplifying so that I can become larger.
Meanwhile, January is the month of inventory, and taxes and people and businesses ordering music so that they have it in their own inventory for the coming workshop season.

No matter what is going on in my inner and outer worlds, Wisdom is always at the core.  When I am struggling...it's there.  When life is awesome and joyful...it's there.

Here in Northern Indiana it was very warm a few days ago and then yesterday is dropped 30 degrees and a beautiful snow arrived with large flakes.  This photo is from late yesterday afternoon as I walked Retta in the snow.   Today it is very, very cold and we have ice and about 3 inches of snow on the ground.  Then in a few days it will be back up to the high 50s.  Crazy weather!  But wisdom is at the core of the snow and the rain and the wind and the ice and the warmth and the cold.  All are alive in wisdom.  How cool is that!


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