Walking the Pathway into the next Cycle

This summer I am very much open to each day as it presents itself. I have no idea when I wake up what the day will actually bring, except to know that I will "go with the flow".

A twenty year cycle of creating music and releasing it into the world has built a strong foundation for the next cycle that is emerging. For me....the best image of this process is of the Maya of ancient times. The wondrous pyramids that now exist were built through cycles. The first 20 years or so was of placing the "energetic" foundation. Only when that was in place did the actual stones start to rise. In our time, people spend years creating the "energetic" foundation of their lives as they get master's degrees and doctorates, and at the age of maybe 28 or 30, start the actual work of the outer career.

I remember being 30 and thinking that my life would be pretty much over at 60. (Remember how that was?!) Instead life seems to be expanding as I move through my 60s. A new cycle of excitement and possibilities is moving and carrying myself/Mayan Dream Productions Int'l out into the world in new ways.

It's been 20 days since I've written. Yikes! These have been busy days of redoing my website, of marketing a very special "celebration" price on all of my CDs with free shipping, of creating Soul music, and of course doing the day to day stuff that keeps a business running.

As I write to you at 4:30AM on a Wednesday, the first of July 2009, I am listening to Ancient/Future Symphony and feeling the depth of compassion in that music. The air is breezing in from outside and it is clear and lovely. My ever-present coffee cup is full of hot Starbucks. Tomorrow we plan to travel to Philadelphia to visit Andy, Lysa and Caeli and their as yet unborn new baby, and then to Chicago to visit Jason, Leah and their as yet unborn new baby. Two new lives are coming into the world to awesome parents in late November!

Much love to all.


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