I love Autumn in Indiana.   We have the most beautiful colors and the crisp air of the first frost to revel in! I took the photo on your right as I looked down from the top of a dune in Fox Island onto Retta in the dappled sunlight.  Notice the pink rays of the sun.  Hmmm...isn't that amazing!

The second photo was captured as I looked up into the trees in the late afternoon as the sun was illuminating the golden leaves.  They were brilliant in the sunshine.

Looking down....looking up....seeing wisdom manifesting in profound beauty in ways that I often do not see.  I can be focused only on the things that are right in front of me....not seeing the larger picture.  Can anyone else relate to that?? Retta is the one who brings me into these walks, and brings me into the larger vision so often.     This is Wisdom Ablaze! in all of nature.                                                                                   


Ellen Sauer said…
Lovely. And yes, dogs bring us into the moment. I feel the same way about my walks with Roxy. Time to slow and sniff and look and feel. xo

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