New Video and music now on i-tunes for your download

 The ongoing saga of a wisdom composer and performer.....Wisdom Ablaze is blazing out into the world!

Wisdom Ablaze is now on i-tunes for you to download...either individual tracks or the entire album.
And of course all of you reading this blog can order Wisdom Ablaze directly from me.  Just go to the home page of this website, and click on the order page link at the top to order a physical CD in digipack format.  You can also send me a note with your order via snail mail....and enclose a check.
I'll send your CD back to you ASAP.  Be sure and give me your address for shipping. and also your e-mail address so I can acknowledge receiving your order.

There is a beautiful new video up on You Tube which has the music of track one:  "We Call Forth Wisdom". Here is the link:  Tom Tempel has taken the photography of the trees that inspired this music, and the flutes that played,  and has used technology to "open up" the five sensory world into the world of wisdom.  Enjoy!

Here is the link also of the first video of Wisdom Ablaze music published in October:

Jean in California loves Wisdom Ablaze.  She says:  "The Beloved has always been my favorite of your music, but now I think that Wisdom Ablaze is going to move to the top of my favorites."

I personally keep Wisdom Ablaze in my car CD player and this music plays everywhere I go.
If I am in a five-sensory space and not in the place of wisdom, this music moves me instantly into that wisdom place.  Perceptions change into a larger and more inclusive place.  If my body is hurting, Wisdom Ablaze may not stop the hurting, but the music holds me in wisdom and allows a more holistic and ensouled self to emerge with a soulful set of perceptions.

This little coyote flute plays on many tracks in Wisdom Ablaze.

 CDBaby has published all of my music on can listen to all of my albums there.
Just search for Beverly Rieger.

As the holidays approach,  I wish all of you a beautiful and joyful time....wisdom, peace, love, compassion, joy, strength and hope.


Baxter said…
Just downloaded from iTunes and can't wait to hear that adorable coyote flute! Thanks for helping me return again and again to the real.

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