The life force of change

This photo was taken by me today as yet another cold front moves in to bring the change of seasons that is November. I was walking Retta in the rain this morning and saw the intense life force that is the color yellow in trees and in the leaves on the ground. Without the change from the warmth and direct light of summer into the cold and indirect light of Autumn, we would not have the gift of this yellow life. It is a symbol to me of my own life journey and my music: constantly changing.....emerging into newness.

This morning I am listening to the music of Emergence and am filled with wonder at how this music has captured the wisdom of nature. The music was written to celebrate Spring, but it fits today perfectly.

I am also thankful today for the technology that is available to me. The photos were snapped on my i-phone 5 which is capable of capturing the depth of life in nature. Then the photos can be immediately transferred to my mac, and I can write this blog and send it to all of you. The technology is another life force that is assisting me. Much love to all in this powerful season of Autumn.


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